Friday, February 18, 2011

Later today

I may have spoken too soon this morning...

Two of my friends were downtown early this afternoon and saw a large crowd of people near the Hussein Mosque.  This is not uncommon, but suddenly people started running in all directions away from the square in front of the mosque.  My friends, being the only women they saw, and certainly the only westerners, ran into a shop to hide.  Apparently what was going on was this.

Well I am not concerned at all for my personal safety (I was reassured by many of the unusual nature of even pro-government demonstrations, let alone what happened today), it is definitely an exciting time to be sitting here in the kitchen in Amman as popular movements seem to be erupting all over the region. 

Even today at the mosque, my host-father's sermon touched upon different meanings of 'corruption,' calling for an end to such corruption, rejoicing the victory in Egypt, and thinking of those fighting against corruption in Iraq and Palestine. 

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