Saturday, March 5, 2011

'for a while there it was chaos' (but not really)

A trip in which we paid too much for lunch, found out that no buses were running back to Amman in the late afternoon and thus found us squished into a taxi for a long ride back, paying too much again, was still uncolored by these incidents.  The beauty of Ajloun and the surrounding country can hardly be described.  And neither can running goat-herding paths on the first trails I'd set foot on in Jordan, dropping down into valleys and then coming up again to look over empty, green hills.

Thus, photos:

spices, nuts, honey, etc on the highway from Jerash to Ajloun
13th century Muslim crusader castle, few tourists, few forbidden areas (not europe)
the 360 view made the importance of this outpost obvious 
the nature reserve was incredible, and mostly deserted as well
ian and ben strayed from the path, despite the signs

the castle lit up for sunset

after over-charging, the driver consented to take a photo (albeit blurry) of us

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